Cold Welcome (Vatta’s Peace Book 1) by Elizabeth Moon

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Elizabeth Moon is the author of more than 26 novels and 50 short fiction works, mostly in science fiction or fantasy. Cold Welcome (Vatta’s Peace Book 1) is one of them and was published in April 2017. Discover a short biography of the author, more about her book, its ratings and reviews.

Elizabeth Moon is a voracious reader and early writer. She grew up on the Texas-Mexico border, in a context of cultural differences, leading to a lifelong fascination with how culture shapes indivuduals and how they adapt or not to new experienes.

She got a history degree from Rice University, with several courses in cultural anthropology on the side, and a biology degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She served three years active duty in the Marine Corps between the two degrees (during which she worked with what were then quite large computers) and did graduate work in biology at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She married her husband while both were in the military; they have one adult son.

Her first novel, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, came out in 1988, winning the Compton Crook award for best first novel in 1989.

She won the Nebula Award for best novel with The Speed of Dark (also short-listed for the Clarke Award), and was a finalist for the Hugo in 1997 for Remnant Population (1996).

When not writing or reading, she likes to wander around the 80 acres she and her husband manage for wildlife and prairie restoration, taking pictures of wildlife and native plants, while checking the rainwater collection and wildlife watering systems.

Let’s take a look now at her latest book to date, Cold Welcome (Vatta’s Peace Book 1), published in April 2017.


Nebula Award–winning author Elizabeth Moon makes a triumphant return to science fiction with a thrilling series featuring Kylara Vatta, the daring hero of her acclaimed Vatta’s War sequence.

After nearly a decade away, Nebula Award–winning author Elizabeth Moon makes a triumphant return to science fiction with this installment in a thrilling new series featuring the daring hero of her acclaimed Vatta’s War sequence.

Summoned to the home planet of her family’s business empire, space-fleet commander Kylara Vatta is told to expect a hero’s welcome. But instead she is thrown into danger unlike any other she has faced and finds herself isolated, unable to communicate with the outside world, commanding a motley group of unfamiliar troops, and struggling day by day to survive in a deadly environment with sabotaged gear. Only her undeniable talent for command can give her ragtag band a fighting chance.

Yet even as Ky leads her team from one crisis to another, her family and friends refuse to give up hope, endeavoring to mount a rescue from halfway around the planet—a task that is complicated as Ky and her supporters find secrets others will kill to protect: a conspiracy infecting both government and military that threatens not only her own group’s survival but her entire home planet.




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  1. It’s a great and suspenseful story that won’t disappoint you! We learn more about the reason why her family was attacked. I really love Vatta series and I am anxiously waiting for book 2!

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