Den of Shadows (Gambler’s Den series, Book 1) by Christopher Byford

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Christopher Byford, an English writer born in 1980 in Wellingborough, published Den of Shadows (Gambler’s Den series, Book 1) in May 2017. Discover more about the author, his book, as well as its ratings and reviews.

Christopher learnt to walk whilst holding onto a Golden Retriever and fondly remembers the days of BMX bikes and conker matches. He left college to suffer as an IT Manager for a small multinational before, in his words, escaping to Gloucester. After working for some large tech companies he seized the opportunity to become a full time author. It was the best thing he had ever done.

In the last few years Chris has penned various tales, Den of Shadows being his most prominent.

Away from literary things, his interests include all things VW Campervans, gardening, photography, astronomy and chicken keeping.

He finds talking about himself in the third person rather pedantic and could murder a cold pint of cider right about now.

Let’s have a closer look now at his latest book, Den of Shadows (Gambler’s Den series, Book 1) out in May 2017.


Den of Shadows was absolutely amazing. It is full of mystery, intrigue and felt a little bit magical.” Rebecca Evans

The Gambler’s Den weaves its away across the desert… But will it stop at your station?

While fighting off poverty in the blistering desert heat a travelling casino offers one night of solace. One chance to change your fortunes. But once on board there is more to the show than meets the eye: enter Franco, the elaborate ringleader, Wyld the stowaway thief and Misu the fire breathing showgirl.

In a kingdom ruled by the law Franco ensures his den remains in line. But when he’s faced with saving the fate of the train, and those on board, he may be forced to break his own rules. Life on the den isn’t just a job but a way of life and once you’re in you’ll never be able to leave.





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  1. It’s the story of a showman and his traveling train casino, of a hero forced to break his own rules to try to save the fate of his train and its passengers. A short but a great story, with stunning descriptions. I’m impatient to learn more about the Gambler’s Den world!

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