Duplicity: A compelling Scottish murder mystery by Pete Brassett

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Pete Brassett was born in Scotland. His latest thriller, Duplicity, was reliesed in spring 2017. Learn more about this all-round creative writer and his book, as well as its ratings, and reviews on it.

Pete Brassett is the author of the best-selling crime fiction novels: Avarice, Enmity and She.

After a career spanning thirty years as a creative in the design industry, including stints in Paris, London and New York, Pete Brassett gave it all up to allow his fertile imagination the opportunity to run riot across the page instead.

Drawing initially on his experiences abroad he soon focused his efforts on subjects a little closer to home, in and around his native Scotland, weaving intricate tales of murder and mayhem.

His books include also Brown Bread, The Girl From Kilkenny, Prayer for the Dying, The Wilder Side of Chaos, Kiss the Girls, Clam Chowder at Lafayette and Spring, and the personal memoir Yellow Man: Cancer Rising. The latter explores Pete’s childhood as well as the themes suggested by the title.

2016 witnessed the debut of his first work for the stage: The Gold of Boggerah, which played to critical acclaim in London’s Camden Town.

Let’s discover together his last thriller, Duplicity, published in spring 2017.


A local businessman disappears during a meal shared by old friends. When he is later found dead, DI Munro must cut through a densely-woven web of deceit to find out why.

The Carduccis and the Buchanans have been best of friends for years, but simmering under the surface are long-held jealousies and disagreements that only the criminal affairs of the men have kept at bay.

When, during a meal, Angus Buchanan steps out of the house to fetch a bottle of wine from the car and subsequently disappears, the police are quickly informed. But when the most likely explanations are ruled out, detectives Munro and West are called upon to investigate possible foul play.

When Buchanan is later found, having suffered a violent death, pathology rules out natural causes and it becomes clear that a terrible murder has occurred.

Faced with the lack of real cooperation from the parties involved, who are clearly protecting their nefarious business interests, the man responsible for Buchanan’s death is found relatively quickly. But when he pretty much laughs in the face of the detectives’ accusations, Munro and West realise that there must be much bigger fish to fry.

In an investigation that takes them as far afield as Oslo, Norway, and into the past of a troubled Polish man, Munro’s dream of a tranquil life in the countryside is further put on hold, and the ever ravenous Charlie West, must continue to battle the ways and mores of a Scottish backwater without losing her cool.

With more red herrings than a Norwegian fishing boat in the sunset, DUPLICITY is a highly entertaining cosy Scandinavian-style murder mystery that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a gripping read where guessing the identity of the murderer is key.

DUPLICITY is the fourth novel by Pete Brassett to feature Detective Inspector James Munro and Detective Sergeant Charlotte West. Look out for SHE, the first in the series, followed by AVARICE and ENMITY. The books can be enjoyed as stand-alone titles or as part of a series.

All these books are available on Kindle Unlimited and the previous titles, as DUPLICITY will soon be, are also available in paperback.





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