Fear Is Not the Boss of You by Jennifer Allwood

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Fear Is Not the Boss of You: How to Get Out of Your Head and Live the Life You Were Made For by Jennifer Allwood. Access the synopsis, ratings and reviews, and learn more about the author.

Fear Is Not the Boss of You: How to Get Out of Your Head and Live the Life You Were Made For by Jennifer Allwood. Before taking a closer look at the book content, let’s learn a bit more about the author, whose book belongs to the self-help category.

A bit more about the author…

Jennifer Allwood was like many people 14 years ago when she was stuck at an office job that she hated. Her heart was in the design world and in making her home beautiful, but she did not think she could make a living outside of her cubicle. Jennifer became a creative entrepreneur when she started a faux painting business on nights and weekends while she continued to waste away at her day job. Shortly after registering “The Magic Brush, Inc.” as an “official” business, she was laid off from that desk job that she hated and decided gamble on decorative painting as a full time job. Since then, she has employed up to 8 women on painting jobs at any given time, painted in hundreds of homes including 3 houses for the ABC hit show, “Extreme Home Makeover”.

She has been featured on local and national television as well as on radio and magazines. Jennifer speaks at home shows, schools and churches while continuing to manage her business from home and raising her 3 children. In 2013 she launched an online DIY section to her business teaching people how to faux paint in their own homes and how to begin/expand their own small businesses as well.

About her Christian faith… 

Through the journey of her business thriving and evolving, Jennifer has often found herself relying on her Christian faith. It has gotten her through countless days of being a small business owner and momprenuer. While wishing one day for a devotional of prayers for creative entrepreneurs, Jennifer found herself being prompted to write that devotional herself. Her first e-book is a pseudo diary of being a small business owner while serving the Lord.

She resides in Kansas City with her number one cheerleader, her husband Jason and their 3 wild children.

Now, let’s take a closer look together at the author’s book.

Fear Is Not the Boss of You: How to Get Out of Your Head and Live the Life You Were Made For, synopsis:

This one is for you–the one with the dream, the desire that won’t be forgotten, the passion that feels bigger than yourself. This book is your catalyst, and business coach Jennifer Allwood is your guide to breaking free from being stuck and stepping into your true calling.

Successful entrepreneur, digital marketer, and influencer Jennifer Allwood is that friend who calls you out on your stuff, loves you anyway, and refuses to let you stay stuck because she knows excuses and fear don’t let you off the hook.

The bold and beautiful truth is that there is a way to accomplish your dreams, even when you’re scared.

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new business, adopting a child, writing a book, or competing in a triathlon, Jennifer will coach you to move from paralyzing fear into courageous obedience. With stories, no-nonsense truth, and practical tips you can apply today, Jennifer will show you how to:

  • Identify if you are stuck
  • Determine what keeps you stuck
  • Get a deep revelation that you can’t stay there
  • Get out of your own way
  • And experience the incredible joy that comes from trusting a big God to do big things in you and through you

This is your gutsy invitation and call to go after the big dream God has called you to . . . because fear is not the boss of you.

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