Hoffer by Tim Glencross

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Tim Glencross was born in Kent, Ohio (US), in 1980. Hoffer is his second book and was published in March 2017. His debut novel, Barbarians (2014), was shortlisted for the Writers’ Guild Best First Novel, and the Novel of the Year at the Political Book Awards.

Tim Glencross was educated at Cambridge University. He currently lives and works in New York as a writer and an adjunct professor at NYU Stern School of Business. He is also a MFA candidate at New York University.

His first book, Barbarians (2014), was portreying graduates finding their feet amid London’s political and cultural elite. Hoffer‘s story takes place in the morally dubious world of the international rich, and Tim Glencross brings the plot to us with humour and great prose. The thriller was reliesed in March 2017 on Amazon.


William Hoffer – handsome, refined, a little cold perhaps – is an established figure in London society.

But Hoffer has secrets. He is vague about his Midwestern origins. The counsel he offers a Russian billionaire may extend to murkier topics than art investments. Then there is his Kensington flat, which is only rented, and the broader question of his money, which is running out.

When a ghost from his past in Mexico surfaces, Hoffer is forced to revive brutal instincts for self-preservation….

Hoffer is an amoral thriller of intelligence, wit and style, and a coruscating commentary on the world we live in now.



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  1. Hoffer is an excellent and perfectly plotted novel, with an international intrigue. It’s a great and gripping story, nicely written, with some beautiful prose. I liked Tim Glencross’s first novel, and again, with Hoffer, I wasn’t able to stop reading. I think I’m a fan of Tim’s writing style. You will love it.

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