KINDLE Format, Why choose it?

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Kindle Format, Why choose it? Why choose Kindle format for your digital books? Discover the advantages and useful links.

Kindle Format, what is it exactly? And why choose it?

This format is the one Amazon offers. It is called Amazon AZW Format, more recently KF8 Format. The Kindle makes it possible for you to read digital documents, also in TXT Format and MP3 audio, as well as Audio Books from Audible company. Good to know: you won’t be able to read EPUB Format ebooks or other digital documents.

Despite this disadvantage, Kindle Format is very interesting and performing. It delights most of its users. These E-Readers have revolutionised the world of reading, in the same way as Amazon Echo is revolutionising the world of connected objects by being a precursor on a regular basis.

To sum up, not only this format is suitable for Amazon ebooks, but it also allows you to read texts, documents and books in PDF format, which is really practical.

You are looking for a Kindle E-Reader, but you don’t know yet which one is the most suitable one for you?

Here is Amazon’s selection:

Discover their features and all the models, including the readers’ ratings and the best current offers. Let’s take a look now at: your future Kindle Reader!

Since this format appeared, Amazon has enabled thousands of well-known authors, and often completely unknown ones due to the fact that they are beginners, to start a new carrier as authors.

You wish to publish a manuscript and become a freelance author? Make it easier for you by discovering how Ged Cusack managed to do it.

Self-publishing makes it possible for you to launch at no cost, and to make you known quickly. You will note it by discovering the concrete experience of this author.

Here is what you will find in his book: KDP – How To Self – Publish Your Book On Amazon

Do you want to publish a book on Amazon that reaches more readers and sells?

Do you like writing but the thought of publishing scares you?

If you don’t know much about publishing, don’t worry. We are going to start at the beginning…

The advantages of the Kindle Format are numerous. If you are curious to know more about this book, here is the direct link:

KDP – How To Self – Publish Your Book On Amazon – The Beginner’s Guide: The key elements for Independent (Indie) author success (Financial Freedom Beginners Guides 4)



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  1. I just got my kindle. I love it! I chose the waterproof model because I often read in the bath or at the seaside. The device is really light to take everywhere. Great buy! I truly recommend it to any book lover!

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