Lost Wax by Jericho Parms

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Jericho Parms is Adjunct Faculty at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont (USA). Her book, Lost Wax (2016), was the winner of the 2017 Indie Book Awards in the non-fiction category. Discover more about the author, her book, as well as ratings and reviews on it.

In addition to teaching at Champlain College in the Division of Communication and Creative Media, Jericho Parms is the Assistant Director of the MFA in Writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Jericho got a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College and a Master of Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Her essays have appeared in Fourth Genre, The Normal School, Hotel Amerika, Brevity, American Literary Review, and elsewhere.

Let’s discover together her latest book, Lost Wax (2016), coming-of-age essays that examine the ways that life, art, and memory intersect.


For her collection “Lost Wax”, Jericho Parms borrows her title from a casting method used by sculptors. As such, these eighteen essays, centered on art and memory, offer an investigation into form and content and the language of innocence, experience, and loss. Four sections (each borrowing names from the sculptures of Degas, Bernini, and Rodin) frame a series of meditations that consider the boundaries of the discernible world and the extremes of the body and the self. Here Parms draws heavily on memories of a Bronx upbringing in the 1980s and1990s; explorations in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and the American West; the struggle to comprehend race, love, family, madness, and nostalgia; and the unending influence of art, poetry, and music. Written largely within the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lost Wax is an inquiry into the ways we curate memory and human experience despite the limits of observation and language. In these essays, Parms exhibits and examines her greatest obsessions: how to describe the surface of marble or bronze; how to embrace the necessary complexities of identity, stillness and movement, life and death—how to be young and alive.





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  1. LOST WAX is mainly about Jericho’s life, her coming of age. But it’s also about art. It’s a meditation on love, loss, family, relationships and identity, between past, present and future. I love her writing style, especially the beautiful metaphors she uses to express what she feels. An amazing reading experience!

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