Perfectly Imperfect by Shaun Kolich

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Shaun Kolich published Perfectly Imperfect, a thriller, in September 2018. Learn more about the author and his book, as well as ratings and reviews on the latter.

Shaun Kolich is the author of three books to date. He considers himself as a new author.

The first book Daddy Trump and the Trail of Liberal Tears (2012) is a writing that reflects the viewpoints of his life at the time. The second, Divine Perspective (2015), was born after Shaun had been on a extensive quest for knowledge. He had studied everything from “Conspiracy Theories”, aliens, government and business corruption, laws of the universe, quantum physics, astrology and astronomy, and several other facets of information. From his quest he came up with many life altering decisions and beliefs in which inspired Divine Perspective.

Shaun published his third book Perfectly Imperfect, a thriller, in September 2018. Let’s take a closer look at the book story.


Meet Nataly, a loving father, ex-husband, and hitman. He’s charming and likable, but the decisions of his past keep haunting him and tear the people closest to him away. His turbulent childhood led him in this spot, a decision he makes to not kill a mark costs him everything, and sends his life spinning out of control. Nataly is forced to fight for his family at all costs and ultimately pays the price to protect those he loves.

On a calm sunny Saturday morning in the Big Apple and the beginning of summer. Nataly’s favorite time of year. This is when the people of New York come out and play. The parks are always full of people walking dogs, reading papers, and after a brutal winter, it’s the sign of everything being good in the world again. Hitman Nataly sits in his car going over the events of today and the past in his head. He ultimately decides to not kill Mr. Johnson a hotshot banker because of an emotional war that is playing out in his head. After having a change of heart and trying to appease the ones he loves his life starts escalating down hill. Nataly is forced to make difficult decisions to try to rectify the one good decision he has made. The catalyst of the story Mr. Johnson, the mark he did not kill made significant bad decisions which affect all characters lives in a catastrophic way. From his choices, all the characters became intertwined to a fate that neither of them saw coming.

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