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How to publish an article?

It’s very simple to make your book or ebook known using our platform. What do you have to do?

It’s easy: just send us a text presenting the author as well as his book. If you want to get a clearer idea of what you can do, you can have a look at the articles already published on the site.

Your article will be published including a picture of the cover that you will have sent to us. It’s possible to include a maximum of 2 pictures in each article, the first one in the extract, the other one in the article itself.

You can include a direct link so that the visitors who are interested can easily buy or download your book. Don’t forget to include the link in the latter part of your article.

Your article will also be published on our Twitter page.

The article will be visible for an unlimited period of time

Your article will  be referenced quickly on Google and on search engines in general. It means that you will get targeted visitors coming from:

– This site

– Twitter

– Google and other search engines

Usually for $29 per article but currently for just $19:

Special offer

$19  instead of 29$  for 1 article

How to proceed?

Paypal secured payment of $19


Publication within 48 hours upon receipt of your article:

Just send us your article including a link to your book or ebook and 1 picture (a maximum of 2) through the contact form or you can also wait for our email confirming your order and send the whole back by return of email.

If you have any question, just contact us using the Contact form.

If you wish to publish several articles or if you have several books or digital books, as an editor or the like, just ask us an offer telling us the number of articles you intend to publish per year, per month or the like.

How to become the sponsor of the month?

Just send us the picture or text you wish to publish, and write down the exact period of time in which you want them to be published: 1 week for $19 or 1 month for $59. As soon as you order has been approved (in 24h), you will get the confirmation together with a payment request via Paypal. Please use our Contact form to send your request.