Self-Discipline by SJ Hilton

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SJ Hilton is a psychotherapist and coach in self-help, author of Self-Discipline: a therapist’s guide to getting out of your own way and getting things done (2017). She has ten years experience as Counsellor and Psychotherapist, working in private practice in London as well as youth counselling services and the National Health Service. She works with her clients on a range of issues including depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

SJ Hilton qualified as a Psychotherapist with Metanoia Institute and hold a Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). She has additional training specific to working online and achieved the Online Counselling Skills Certificate (with Distinction).

She is also in the final stages of a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology leading to Chartered Psychologist status with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

As a member of the UKCP and BPS, she abide by their codes of ethics and standards of practice and professional development.

She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner for Sports, having trained with Inside Performance. This gives her additional training specific to working with sports people to achieve their performance goals.

In addition, she has extensive experience working in Youth Offending Services, as both practitioner and practice manager.

As well as running an online private practice, Sally writes on varied self-help topics for several websites and for her own blog

Her book Self-Discipline: a therapist’s guide to getting out of your own way and getting things done was published in January 2017.


Are you full of good intentions that amount to nothing? Maybe you know what you want, but for some reason you don’t translate your desires into action. This book is about identifying your goals and getting out of your own way so you can reach them. This is important for people who are frustrated by their inability to move forward, who know they are not being their best selves. It may be that you have conflicting goals so you want things that are incompatible, or there are other reasons outside of your awareness why you may sabotage yourself.

Through this book you will learn how to:

•Identify what you want and the real reason you want it
•Resolve inner conflict so you are not self-sabotaging
•Find out if you’re secretly afraid of success and what to do about it
•Build new habits that stick
•Overcome procrastination and get started right now
•Maintain your self-discipline even when you don’t feel like it
•Change the negative beliefs about yourself that hold you back

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  1. Self-Discipline is a helpful book offering smart tools and strategies to buckle down to things. It is different from what I have already read so far. It gives you the motivation to get things done. Very effective against procrastination! A must read.

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