Self-Discipline by James Daugherty

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James Daugherty is an Ex-CIA intelligence expert. His book Self-Discipline was published in January 2017. Learn more about the author, his book, as well as ratings and reviews on the latter.

James Daugherty specializes in all forms of communication and elite human performance.

He majored in Forensics & Psychology at Florida State University before being recruited into the FBI in 1994, initially as an analyst working a desk job. He quickly graduated to a Special Agent working more complex and dangerous cases in the field before joining his latest employer, the CIA.

Now retired, James has resisted the university lecturing roles and advisory law enforcement positions in exchange for a more low key life with his family on the West Coast. He does take on occasional private consultancy work however prefers to spend his days walking the dog and writing about his trials & tribulations in the field as an American spy.

He never realised how much the skills he acquired over his 20 years in the intelligence game would help people in civilian life. His writing is a combination of fascinating anecdotes, clever tactics or tricks along with the scientific rationale to back up his advice.

Let’s have a look now at James Daugherty‘s book, Self-Discipline: An Ex-SPY’s Guide to Hack Your Daily Habits to Build Unshakable Self-Control, Laser Sharp Focus, Extreme Productivity & Eliminate Procrastination … Need for Willpower (Spy Self-Help Book 2).


Imagine how different your life would be if you knew a way to hack your daily habits to become a highly self-disciplined and productive person.

You will never quite know how many opportunities you have missed by lacking the self-discipline to truly follow through on your convictions.  Whether it’s attaining a new body, better job, or simply being more productive in life. All too often people fall short as they aren’t equipped with the right mental make-up and mind tricks to actually achieve it.

Not anymore.

James Daugherty is an intelligence expert & former CIA Spy who specializes in all forms of human behavior. But there’s one trait which is critical to winning, self-discipline. A spy would be worthless without it.

However he never realised quite how much his ability to cultivate a self-disciplined mindset whilst working in the field as an American spy would help everyday people in civilian life.

Imagine if you could arrange your habits and behaviors in a way to achieve seamless success in whatever you are doing.

In this insightful and functional book, Daugherty gives readers a firsthand look into the trials & tribulations he dealt with in the field as a CIA operative & no nonsense guide revealing how to:

  • Understand the basic cognitive principles on how the brain actually works
  • The nature of a ‘habit loop’
  •  Why it’s critical to identify bad habits & replace them with better ones
  • Tactics to help you naturally cultivate a self-disciplined mindset
  • Strategies to help with delaying gratification & preventing procrastination
  • Day-to-Day habits of a spy to develop extreme productivity
  • Implementing ‘Habit Pyramiding’ for exponential progress
  • CIA Fitness Training Principles for fast results

… and much more.

An Ex-Spy’s guide to Self-Discipline is a mixture of methodical methods combined with the scientific rationale to back up the author’s advice. The clever self-discipline and habit tricks described will help you in all areas of life from health & fitness, career, relationships and everything in between.






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  1. This is a very good book about self-discipline, which applies to many fields. It helped me change my mindset in numerous situations of my day-to-day life. It’s a very useful tool if you want to improve your performances or productivity.

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