The Darkening by Paul Antony Jones

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Paul Antony Jones is an American journalist and writer born in Cardiff, Wales. His last science fiction novel, The Darkening, was published in November 2016. He is the author of several books, including bestselling Extinction Point series and Toward Yesterday. Discover a short biography of Paul Antony Jones, his book(s) as well as ratings and reviews about it.

Paul Antony Jones lives near Las Vegas (Nevada), with his wife and many pets. He has been writing in one form or another for over 25 years, as a journalist, copywriter, short-story writer, freelance copywriter, but his real passion is to create stories as an author of penning fiction. A self-described science geek, he’s a voracious reader of scientific periodicals, as well as a fan of things mysterious, unknown, and on the fringe.

His first book was Toward Yesterday (2011). Then followed a second novel, Extinction Point, which was released in March of 2012, coming out onto the post-apocalyptic bestselling series of the same name. The following books of the Extinction Point series are: Exodus (book 2, 2013), Revelations (book 3, 2014), and Genesis (book 4, 2015).

Today’s book we will talk about is The Darkening, a science fiction novel, which was reliesed in November 2016.


“Where has everyone gone?”

That’s the question fifteen-year-old Annabelle ‘Birdy’ Finch is asking. As a hundred-year storm descends on Los Angeles, Birdy’s not the only one looking for answers to the city’s vanishing population.

A wheelchair-bound Army veteran watches the world from his apartment window, and what he sees terrifies him.

An LA detective has two missing patrol cops, a bloody crime scene, but no bodies.

A desperate mother will stop at nothing in her search to find her missing daughter.

But the storm that holds California in its grip also provides the perfect cover for an even greater threat; an ancient and terrible evil that stalks the city’s residents, mercilessly hunting them within their homes and on the flooded streets. Together, the survivors must fight to escape their drowning city and the creatures that now roam freely under the cover of perpetual darkness.





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