The Devil’s Library by Watson Davis

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Watson Davis grew up in Houston, Texas (US). He is the author of The Devil’s Library: The Windhaven Chronicles, a dark fantasy novel (February 2017). His other books are: FountainCorp Security (December 2016), National Pastime (July 2016), The Archbishop’s Amulet: The Windhaven Chronicles Book 2 (April 2016), Once a Hero (January 2015) and Not Dead Enough: The Windhaven Chronicles Book 1 (September 2014).

Watson Davis lives in Spain in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean.

He discovered fantasy and science fiction, magic and technology, Isaac Asimov and Robert E. Howard, when he was a young, impressionable boy in Houston, Texas. He wrote his first robot apocalypse short story at eleven, delved many a dungeon and battled many a vampire while pursuing a degree in mathematics, and penned books of swords and sorcery and military space opera.

His previous book, FountainCorp Security, was a mix of science fiction and adventure novel. Today’s book, The Devil’s Library, is a dark action & adventure fantasy novel and was published in February 2017.

Each book of The Windhaven Chronicles stands alone. They are non-sequential; you don’t have to read them in any particular order. But the books fit together like a puzzle. Consequences for an action in one book may show up in another, and questions raised may be answered in another.

The world is the same, but one story may take place hundreds of years before another one.


A Rogue, A Renegade, and a Treasure Beyond Belief

Gartan finds a map to a treasure across the sea, and he decides he must have it. He plots and plans and refuses to be denied the greatest raid in history, even if he has to face down two of the greatest empires in the world.

And then the dragon arrives.

In this action-packed sword and sorcery novel of The Windhaven Chronicles, Watson Davis tells a tale of pride and greed, of magic beyond comprehension, and creatures beyond belief.

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