The Empathy Gene by Boyd Brent

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Boyd Brent is the author of more than 20 books. He published The Empathy Gene in 2016, a science fiction thriller. Learn more about the author, his book, as well as ratings and reviews on it.

Boyd Brent lives in Wimbledon, London.

He writes adult, young adult and children’s fiction. As he says, ‘I find moving between different styles and genres, really helps to keep my perspectives fresh.’ His most popular book is The Lost Diary of Snow White: The Fairytale Chronicles Book One (2015).

He is currently writing a science fiction thriller.

Let’s discover his latest book, The Empathy Gene, a science fiction thriller first published in 2016.


My name is Clare Stone. I’m a journalist and author. Two weeks ago, I received an anonymous email. It provided detailed information about a man who was present at two key events separated by two thousand years of history. A man whose impact on humanity, it claimed, had been greater than anyone who came before or after him. I cross referenced the leads provided at the British Library, and confirmed several eyewitness accounts of this man, known simply as David, in Jerusalem in AD 33 and Nazi occupied Poland in 1944. I suspected that either my colleagues were playing a practical joke on me, or else I was losing my mind. So when invited to meet my anonymous source at a private function in the viewing gallery of The Shard in Central London, I reasoned I was about to find out one way or another …





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