The Forbidding Blue (The Parting Breath Series Book 3), by Monica Lee Kennedy

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Monica Lee Kennedy is the author of The Forbidding Blue (The Parting Breath Series Book 3), a fantasy novel published in June 2016. She was raised in Colorado Springs (Colorado, US) and studied at Franciscan University in Ohio. She currently resides in Germany.

When she was a child, Monica dreamed of becoming an author, but it wasn’t until many years later that she began to write in earnest. The idea of The Parting Breath series came to her when she was pregnant with her first child. She daydreamed about a world where the land could speak, and Massada, the world of The Parting Breath series, surfaced. As a travel lover, she travelled across the United States and Europe with her husband and her two children.

The Forbidding Blue is the third book of The Parting Breath Series by Monica Lee Kennedy and was published in June 2016.

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The once green world is turning to ice, while a book of startling prophesy raises terrifying questions about what the future might hold. A princess is beset with nightmares she knows reveal truth. A malicious demon runs rampant, killing without abandon. Where can hope be found? Brenol and Arman throw themselves into a daring hunt to destroy the murderous spirit, and Colette seeks assistance out in the desert of ice, but the future of Massada remains bleak as death and deceit thrive. All things good and true stand in peril—even love.

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  1. The Forbidding Blue is a real adventure! Monica created an original fantasy world, with strong characters. The plot is completely unpredictable, the story full of emotions. I gave a five star because it’s the most amazing fantasy book I’ve ever read. Looking forward to more writing from this author!

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