The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson

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Christopher Greyson resides in Massachusetts (U.S.A.). A Wall Street Journal bestselling author, he published the psychological thriller, The Girl Who Lived, in November 2017. Learn more about the author, his book, as well as ratings and reviews on the latter.

Christopher Greyson is the author of mystery, action, and thriller novels. His acclaimed Detective Jack Stratton Series has been read by over a million readers and counting.

His background is an eclectic mix of degrees in theatre, communications, and computer science.

At an early age, Christopher developed a strong taste for adventure and mystery thanks to his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero.

His wife, Katherine Greyson, is his chief content editor and the author of the bestselling romance-mystery series Everyone Keeps Secrets. She also gave him two beautiful children.

The Detective Jack Stratton Series includes And Then She Was Gone, Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks Are Wild, Jack and the Giant Killer, Data Jack, Jack of Hearts and Jack Frost. Christopher Greyson has also penned the successful epic fantasy Pure of Heart.

The Girl Who Lived is Christopher Greyson‘s latest novel, a psychological thriller published in November 2017.

Let’s learn more about the book.


Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered. One girl lived.

No one believes her story.
The police think she’s crazy.
Her therapist thinks she’s suicidal.
Everyone else thinks she’s a dangerous drunk.
They’re all right—but did she see the killer?

As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she wants to be—her hometown where the slayings took place. Wracked by the lingering echoes of survivor’s guilt, Faith spirals into a black hole of alcoholism and wanton self-destruction. Finding no solace at the bottom of a bottle, Faith decides to track down her sister’s killer—and then discovers that she’s the one being hunted.

How can one woman uncover the truth when everyone’s a suspect—including herself?

From the mind of Wall Street Journal bestselling author Christopher Greyson comes a story with twists and turns that take the reader to the edge of madness. The Girl Who Lived should come with a warning label: once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. Not since Girl on the Train and Gone Girl has a psychological thriller kept readers so addicted—and guessing right until the last page.





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