The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

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Amy Lloyd lives in Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom). She is the autor of The Innocent Wife, a first psychological thriller (October 2017). Learn more about the author and her book, as well as ratings and reviews on the latter.

In 2016 Amy Lloyd won the 2016 Daily Mail Bestseller Competition for her novel The Innocent Wife.

Amy studied English and Creative Writing at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

When she started writing The Innocent Wife, she was trying to write the book she wanted to read. Amy loves true crime and was fascinated by the new wave of true crime that was gaining popularity, so she wanted to play on that phenomenon. She loves the way that when we consume this kind of true crime, we think we are detectives ourselves and we feel passionate about righting the wrongs in the justice system. She also likes the more sinister implications of this new trend. What if a documentary wasn’t telling the whole truth? How can we ever be sure that someone is innocent or not?

Let’s talk now about Amy Lloyd‘s psychological thriller, The Innocent Wife, and dive into the book story.


How do you confront your husband when you don’t want to know the truth?

‘This book had me hooked from the first page to the last.’ Lisa Jewell

You’re in love with a man on Death Row in Florida, convicted of a brutal murder twenty years ago.

You’re convinced he didn’t do it, and you’re determined to prove it.

Now you’re married to him, and he’s a free man, his conviction overturned.

You’re overjoyed. After all, he’s innocent.

Isn’t he?

Amy’s readers are raving about the book they ‘just couldn’t put down’:

“I picked up The Innocent Wife this morning on my subway commute to work and couldn’t put it down! I read it during my lunch break, commute home, on the stair master… It was just that addicting!

“Absolutely fantastic book… couldn’t put it down

“a superb rendering of sustained storytelling that grips you from the off

“I read the book in two days, couldn’t wait to find out what happened next

Fantastic, gripping, page turning… Drew you in and kept you there until the very end”

“A fantastic debut! … It gets you hooked from the very beginning, and yet it’s never predictable, you’re in for some surprises until the very last page”

The Innocent Wife was gripping. I read with heart racing”

I literally couldn’t wait to steal five minutes with it during the day and loved my evenings completely immersed in the tension”

“I couldn’t put this down… thriller fans, you’re in for a treat

complex and fascinating… very clever and very well executed”

“original and utterly compelling … I honestly feel bereft now that I’ve finished it and can’t wait to spend 2018 talking about this fantastic novel”

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