Thinking Machines by Luke Dormehl

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Luke Dormehl is a journalist, filmmaker, public speaker and author born in England in 1985. Thinking Machines is his fourth book (March 2017). He has written for Fast Company, Wired, Consumer Reports, Politico, The L.A. Times, and other publications. Discover his biography, his book, as well as ratings, reviews, comments and more about it.

Luke Dormehl lives in Bristol. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in theatre at Dartington College of Arts in Devon.

As a journalist, he is a regular contributor to the magazine The Chap. He has also written for SFX, Fighting Spirit, Blues & Rhythm, Inventor’s Digest and The End Is Nigh. In addition, he has conducted interviews with notable figures such as the Marquess of Bath, Simon Callow, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Murray Lachlan Young, Adrian Dannatt, Jimmy Savile, Paul Heyman and others.

As a filmmaker, he has directed several films, most recently The Pantomime (2009). He also directed The Wrestling (2008), starring Kendo Nagasaki, Mal Sanders and Sir Jimmy Savile. The documentary has been praised by Beyond The Mat director Barry Blaustein, Ken Loach and Louis Theroux. In the same year he also directed Roy (2008), a short documentary about comic football hero Roy of the Rovers which won ‘best documentary’ at the End of the Pier International Film Festival and screened at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Roy was nominated for ‘best documentary’ at the Soho Rushes film festival. In early 2009, he directed a series of 3 Minute Wonders for Channel 4, filmed across four different countries. Moreover, he is part of the team behind the 10 Pound Horror Film: a cutting edge Indie film production. His work was profiled in the December 2008 issue of Bizarre Magazine.

Luke Dormehl is the great grandson of Bishop Mandell Creighton. He is also a great admirer of Orson Welles and was given an on-screen Many Thanks credit on the 2009 BBC documentary, Orson Welles Over Europe.

His other three titles are: A Journey Through Documentary Film, The Apple Revolution and The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems… And Create More.

His latest book, Thinking Machines: The Quest for Artificial Intelligence–and Where It’s Taking Us Next, was published in March 2017. It’s a nonfiction book, at the crossroad of computer science, history and philosophy.


A fascinating look at Artificial Intelligence, from its humble Cold War beginnings to the dazzling future that is just around the corner.

When most of us think about Artificial Intelligence, our minds go straight to cyborgs, robots, and sci-fi thrillers where machines take over the world. But the truth is that Artificial Intelligence is already among us. It exists in our smartphones, fitness trackers, and refrigerators that tell us when the milk will expire.  In some ways, the future people dreamed of at the World’s Fair in the 1960s is already here. We’re teaching our machines how to think like humans, and they’re learning at an incredible rate.

In Thinking Machines, technology journalist Luke Dormehl takes you through the history of AI and how it makes up the foundations of the machines that think for us today. Furthermore, Dormehl speculates on the incredible–and possibly terrifying–future that’s much closer than many would imagine. This remarkable book will invite you to marvel at what now seems commonplace and to dream about a future in which the scope of humanity may need to broaden itself to include intelligent machines.



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  1. A very interesting book. A different and relevant take on the future. Luke Dormehl analyzes the past and the present to weigh up the pros and the cons. A very perceptive and realistic approach. One of the best books I read about AI.

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