Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey

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Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey. Take a look at the synopsis, ratings and reviews, and learn more about this author of current literature novels.

Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey. Before delving into the book, let’s say a few words about this author of current literature.

Diane Jeffrey grew up in Devon (UK). She is an English teacher and the author of Those Who Lie, a debut psychological thriller, and other ones. She lives in Lyon, France. 

During a year of study leave, she gave birth to a first draft of her debut novel. She also took the opportunity to learn a bit of Spanish. It took her another year to rewrite it in a definitive way, “to get it into some sort of presentable shape”, as she says.

She has always wanted to be a published author. When she was at school, she wrote for fun or to enter competitions, but being a published author was her childhood dream. She wrote short stories, silly poems for friends, emails, letters of complaint… anything! It’s just something she has always done and enjoyed.

The five things she can’t live without is her family (her husband, three children and dog), chocolate, beer and sport (swimming, mainly, and a bit of running) and, of course, books!

Now let’s discover her book (2017).

Those Who Lie, synopsis:

Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.

At first, signs point to a tragic accident. Yet, as Emily pieces together the events before his death – events which led to her own memory loss – she begins to suspect that her husband’s death may have been the result of more than a terrible twist of fate…

But the accident is only the beginning. Because while Emily’s physical scars will heal, the trauma of the accident has awakened old ghosts. She hears strange sounds, catches things that can’t possibly be there in the corner of her eye. Before long, everywhere she looks, she seems to see her husband.

And suddenly, Emily finds herself asking the most dangerous question of all.

Can she really trust herself?

Those Who Lie, reviews:

‘[A] scorchingly good thriller’ – Lisa Hall, bestselling author of mega-hit Between You and Me

‘A tantalising and taut thriller with more twists and turns than a corkscrew. Red herrings swim all the way through it. An excellent page turner’ – Sally (Goodreads)

‘This is a must read for anyone who lives to delve into psychological thrillers!’ – Linda Strong, Netgalley

‘With brilliant main characters and a wonderful plot, this book is a real page turner. I would highly recommend this book.’ – Stephanie Collins, Netgalley

‘I absolutely adored this book’ – Lu Dex, Netgalley

‘Great book.. keeps you guessing!! If you love twists and turns then this book if for you!’ – Diane Merrit, Netgalley

‘With twists and turns that will wrong-foot you all the way, a dash of dark humour and a strong emotional punch, this is an excellent debut that more than earns its place within the genre.’ – S.J.I. Holliday, author of Black Wood

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  1. Those Who Lie is a book which holds your interest all along. It was hard to put down. The characters are well defined and the plot suspenseful. I’m impatiently waiting for the next book!

  2. Those Who Lie is a page turner. It held my attention from the beginning to the very end. It’s an excellent mystery book and a super gripping story, which keeps you involved and wondering. You will definitely love it!

  3. This is the first time I read something from this author and I wasn’t disappointed! This story has many twists, as well as plot turns, and I liked it. I was caught up in the plot until the end. This is a great story, with just the right amount of suspense. I love this author!

  4. This story is well thought out. It’s both entertaining and intriguing. I also found it highly enjoyable and pretty different from the other thrillers I’ve read.

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