Translate your book to French

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Translate your book to French!

Why is it interesting for you, as an author, to position yourself on the French-speaking market?

Translate your book to French, here is what you should absolutely not ignore. The French market is an interesting land of conquest for English-speaking authors who want to increase the number of their readers and extend their reputation. Having your books translated to French not only gives you the opportunity to get access and reach a new market, but it also enables you to address readers who are fond of reading your books in their mother tongue. It should be kindly noted that the French are avid readers, who like to discover new English-speaking authors, but who do not often have the opportunity to access the original version because only few of them master the English language. Just imagine for a minute what all these people represent as potential readers for you?

Translate your book to French

Translate your book to French, which should not be underestimated:

French is a prestigious language and France the cradle of literature. Just figure out how it will be exciting for you to feel that you can play on the same cultural field as authors like Voltère, Balzac, Musso, Dicker or Bussi? That you have the chance to try and gain a new public and make your books known among new avid readers?

Positioning yourself on the French market means making your voice heard among French-speaking people around the world, transmitting English and American lifestyle and culture through the French language to people eager to discover new books and authors. That will help you be recognized by a new audience and gain reputation among them. Who knows, it could even be the beginning of a new French career!

Think of it! But above all, take action and make the right choice! Choose someone who knows how important it is to translate not only the language itself, but the spirit of it. People who are truly committed to making you known in the proper way and who care about your image as an author. Well positioned literature specialists, with a literary promotion website. Actors who take an active part in the literature world and will help you promote your books on the French market.

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