Tyranny of Secrets by John Statton

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John Statton lives in San Francisco. He is the author of Tyranny of Secrets, a science fiction thriller released in July 2017. Learn more about the author, his book, as well as ratings and reviews on it.

John Statton has spent two adventure-packed decades practicing technology law for Silicon Valley startups and its largest companies. Like a lot of us, he is concerned about personal privacy protection in our increasingly networked, data harvesting, digital world.

John‘s interest in technology’s impact on government stretches back to a California State Assembly Fellowship where he was schooled in politics and co-directed the Legislature’s first statewide classroom computing initiative. He was later elected to Cupertino’s City Council (Apple’s hometown) and served as Mayor.

Today he is an agile bike commuter in San Francisco where he lives with his partner Anne and an entitled cat. He extends his thanks to Tyranny of Secrets readers and hopes you will enjoy spending time with the story.

Here is the book summary.


“Short but impressive actioner featuring dynamic characters and a memorable open ending.” – Kirkus Reviews

National elections stolen by elite hackers.  A conspiracy to put a puppet President in the White House.

Gifted computer scientist Mariana McAllister is recruited into the shadowy side of a computer security company. Manipulated by the CEO, she leads a team to hack the British national election, at the personal cost of a shattered relationship.  Years later she discovers the code she created being used to hijack the US Presidential contest and start a mass-surveillance state.

“…the action sequences are superbly crafted nail biters.” – The BookLife Prize

With her former lover, attorney Sander Bonham, in the cross-hairs of an assassin intent on keeping him from exposing the conspiracy, Mariana struggles to find the truth. Unless she can fight back, a small elite will control society by controlling our data…and our secrets.




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  1. John Statton is a skilled and talented storyteller. TYRANNY OF SECRETS does not seem to be a debut. Characters are highly believable. Moreover the story raises interesting questions about secrecy in our digital age and it makes it highly plausible. This is one of the best books I ever read on the subject.

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