Woman Without Fear by J.P. Touzeau

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Jean-Philippe Touzeau is a French bestselling author born in Rouen. His thriller, Woman Without Fear, was published in 2015. The book originally written in French under the title of La femme sans peur was a literary success and sold over 65.000 copies.  J.P. Touzeau shares his time between France and Japan with his wife and their baby boy.

J.P. Touzeau is the author of essays and novels. He likes to write about ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances peppered with mystery, love, and a dash of philosophy. His books are read by tens of thousands of readers and were all ranked one time or another in Amazon Top 100 bestselling books.

J. P. loves to hear from readers (except during nap time).

The series Woman Without Fear is composed of 8 novels, first of them translated by Sarah Christine Varney and published in 2015.


Trinity Silverman has wasted too much of her life worrying. She’s successful, she’s financially secure, and she’s beautiful. It appears that she has everything a person could want, but despite all this, Trinity just can’t seem to get rid of her constant, nagging anxiety.

That is, until the day she meets a renowned researcher doing groundbreaking work for a powerful pharmaceutical company. He’s willing to give her a vial of pills—for a price—that he guarantees will eradicate all her fears and doubts. Trinity thinks she’s found what she’s always been looking for: the key to unwavering self-confidence. But when her newfound poise spurs her to take uncharacteristic action, she gets caught up in more danger than she can handle.

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